Varigard ™ Hand Sanitizer

Evolved Skin Protection for Modern Pathogens


2 Hours of Protection Per Use

Personal Hygiene

For years, the world has relied on a standard, alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

At best, these solutions provide 30 seconds of germ-killing action. You’re unprotected the second it evaporates, while your skin absorbs the extremely flammable chemical residue that's left behind. 


In the face of modern pathogens, 30 seconds of protection isn’t enough.  


Thirty seconds of protection means that every single time you touch a surface with your hands, you either need to reapply or risk cross-contamination. It has not been possible to keep from spreading germs between uses.  


Until now. 



  • Kills on contact

  • Works for 2+ hours

  • Prevents the spread of germs through

  • Methanol-free

  • No skin absorption

  • Flame retardant

  • Prevents the spread of actual COVID-19 (Sars-Cov2)

  • Better protection without drying, cracking or absorption

  • Organic

  • Non-toxic, food-grade formula

Hand Sanitizer

Other Leading Sanitizers

  • Take up to 30 seconds to kill germs

  • Work for 30 seconds

  • Can’t prevent germ transfer for more than 30 seconds after application

  • May contain harmful levels of methanol

  • Extremely flammable

  • Only tested effective against general coronaviruses

  • Absorbed by skin leading to cracking and chronic dry skin

How Varigard Came to Be

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, Varigard was created to solve a problem. 


While following the news of unfolding global events like so many of us in 2020, the founders of Varigard learned of a young woman who caught fire when the hand sanitizer she used acted as a propellant, burning over 40% of her body. 


The scientists of what later became Varigard LLC went to work developing a flame retardant solution that leveraged a patented organic polymer with ground-breaking, cross-industry uses. Not only were they able to create a non-flammable product, but official lab tests also revealed they had increased the overall pathogen kill time from 30 seconds to over two hours per application. 

Test after test confirmed they had accomplished something that had never been done before

What began as an effort to protect people from the dangers of traditional hand sanitizer is now the world’s first organic, non-toxic, flame retardant sanitization formula that continues killing pathogens for two hours after application.


Today, Varigard is a forward-thinking innovator of Personal Protection in its many forms, dedicated to creating a safer world.