is a Javier – Calametti & Associates initiative to attack the severe challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic to the hospitality industry as well as senior care and other public facing institutions.  Leveraging our deep connections across these 

Industries, our focus will be on B2B, D2C, and Institutional Sales. 

Business to Business

1. Working with clients to develop a full-blown safety solution protecting their business, their employees, and their customers. With this consultative approach, we create a plan that includes process (safety procedures and operations), protection (physical space, shields and guards), and products (sanitizer, PPE, air purifiers, etc)*.
*While our target market is restaurants, bars, hotels, and other hospitality businesses, this initiative has important applications within the senior living communities as well as entertainment venues and convention and sports facilities. 


2. In those cases, where the client has a plan in place or is in need of a more limited solution, we offer offer product sales, bulk orders, custom packaging. We will also target large scale events, specialty product opportunities, and industry trade show direct sales. 

Direct to Consumer

1. We tackle consumer sales primarily with a digital campaign – including social media, eblasts, videos, virtual demos and the like. Purchases are direct transactions on our product partner sites with no potential for third party shipping delays.


2. On a direct basis, we promote the products with consumer booths at the events we are involved with and at targeted consumer shows.


3. Additionally, we will serve as Healthy Solutions Ambassadors in our daily interactions with business associates, customers, chamber members, and other target organizations. 


With these multiple touch points (outlined above), there will also be opportunities for institutional sales. While not a primary emphasis in our business plan, we have systems in place to manage any opportunities...

Puerto Rico and other Latin American Countries

Of course there continues to be critical needs for Covid-19 Safety Solutions beyond our borders. Javier – Calametti & Associates will outreach to impacted communities and businesses to deliver Healthy Hospitality Solutions working with local partners and tailored to meet unique needs.  Initial efforts will focus on Puerto Rico and Colombia leveraging existing business relationships, with other countries to follow.

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